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In Memory

Frank Wells

Frank Wells





Frank Lynn Wells, 69, passed away on Friday, April 5, 2013, in New South Wales, Australia. Frank was born on June 21, 1943, in Kenosha, the son of Janice (Kitzrow) and Frank Wells. He attended Kenosha schools, graduating from Mary D. Bradford High in 1961, soon thereafter entering Northwestern University. He finished his Bachelors degree in journalism at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Frank was a writer and actor from the time he was a small boy, putting on skits for his Durkee Elementary classmates, starring in plays in Lincoln Junior High and Bradford High. He was a reporter for the high school newspaper, Kenews, which led him to a regular job as a sports writer for The Kenosha News. As a young man he also wrote for The Capitol Times in Madison, the Chicago Sun Times, and, eventually, the English daily newspaper in Athens, Greece. Frank was always an avid traveler, and he spent the last three+ decades of his life in Australia where he first wrote for a small literary-political journal and later became the in-house writer for one of the countrys largest utility companies (eight departments/counties). After retirement he was hired as a freelance/technical writer for a number of business magazines and for the Sydney police department. Forever, Frank was a versatile and creative spirit, much earlier having published short stories in the U.S., Australia, and Switzerland. While in the U.S.
Army in Vietnam, he served as secretary and assistant to one of the generals.


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04/05/13 01:05 PM #4    

Joyce Watkins (Nason)

So glad I got to see Frank at the reunion and meet his partner.


04/05/13 07:33 PM #5    

Constance Spicero

I am saddened by the loss of a classmate ... I didn't know Frank well, but after seeing him at the reunion, we became friends ...


04/05/13 08:01 PM #6    

Janet Lutz

I am so grateful that Frank came to our 50th reunion. I heard him say that that would be the last time he came to Kenosha. Who of us knew how little time was left. He was a force in theater at Lincoln Junior High and in high school, and I remember him fondly.. Rest In Peace, Frank, Rest In Peace.

04/06/13 10:46 AM #7    

Suzette Arnoldini (Englund)

Frank really was a treasure.  i remember him from our Lincoln Junior high days and will always be grateful to have known him.  Steve, Frank, Scott, Eva and Sue...they showed what great friendship was all about and I can't think of one without the others coming to mind.  Also I am happy to have met Ron and grateful for the good times he and Frank shared.  Frank was a kind person, fun, funny, generous, giving, and he did a great job staying connected to people from our class.  I am so grateful he came to our 50 year reunion.  He had a good time and made it fun for lots of other people.  Frank will be missed.  He made a difference in this life and everyone who knew him is better for it.  Rest in peace Frank.      

04/06/13 04:20 PM #8    

James Szantor

Frank, a "brother in ink," was a free spirit, but truly in the best sense, without the profligacy often associated with the term.  His last e-mail--lamenting that we didn't get to do a jazz club crawl in Chicago--ended with:  "Onward to our futures!"

Ours will be emptier without Frank.    And even though he said he probably wouldn't be able to attend future reunions, his passing is still a blow at this remove.  My thoughts are with those much closer to him personally and geographically.  

04/07/13 04:41 PM #9    

Rita Martino (Ginocchio)

     It is always so sad to learn of the passing of another one of our classmates but Frank in particular was well known to most of the student body and causing a heavy heart for all of us today*  Regretfully, I didn't travel in Franks' circle of friends*  He mostly with the theatre people, myself with choir and band members but we were known to each other and always said our "hello's, how's it going?" in passing in the halls or in our mutual classes* We could always count on Frank to bring laughter to an otherwise dull situation with his droll sense of humor and it was still capturing our attention at  the 50th class reunion* I truly enjoyed meeting his partner Ron who was wonderfully  pleasant with a great sense of humor as well and send him my sincere condolences and also members of Franks' extended family*  Break a leg Frank, catch ya on the other side !  Rita


04/09/13 04:12 PM #10    

Cheryl Tinnell (Schmidt)

Frank was a special person. He will not be forgotten.

04/18/13 04:04 PM #11    

Michelle Parisea (Decker)

In an email I received from Frank in February, he exclaimed: "Oh, Michelle, the fun life I lead as we hobble to 70!"  He detailed many of the fun things he'd been doing and spoke of future plans to celebrate his June 70th birthday in the summer, with multiple trips throughout his beloved Australia and, later in 2014, meeting up with friends on the west coast (USA) and/or Hawaii.  (Damn!  Hawaii is only a 6-hour flight from Anchorage.)  How sad we are that these plans were cut short, but what fond, fond memories we have of the times we did spend with Frank, including the week after the 50th reunion, sitting on Sue's porch, overlooking the lake, and the trek to Casa Capri, which he claimed as the site of the world's best pizza.  We will always recall Frank's wit, his warmth, his intelligence, his insight, his enthusiasm for life, his triumph over adversities as a young man and his many talents.  Farewell, Frank.

06/21/13 04:49 PM #12    

James Roy

What we have once enjoyed (Frank) we can never lose.  All that we have deeply become as a part of us, and that's Frank.  It was great to see him at the 50th reunion.


Jim Roy

06/21/13 05:32 PM #13    

Cherie Krohn (Ketchum)

OMG-I know that's an over-used phrase, but I can't help it!!  I did not get to talk to Frank at the reunion - I just didn't get to everybody, but now I am sooo sorry!  Frank was my first ever date that called for me at my house!!  He had to walk over to get me (I lived on 7th Ave and 65th Str) and the party was somewhere on 5th Ave I think, I don't even remember whose house it was.  If someone knows, I'd love to hear from them.  This was in '56 or '57.  We were in Lincoln Jr. High, 7th grade I believe. My father wouldn't let me date until I was 16, but I skipped a grade, so I was only 15 when I was in jr. high, and only 15 when Frank asked me to party.  He was great friends with Jim Walker!!  I begged my father to let me go to the party - I told him it wasn't my fault I was a yr younger than most others.  He finally agreed - as long as Frank came to pick me up.  I remember we held hands walking down the street.  Frank was a terrific, terrific dancer!  We dated one more time I believe - went to Kenosha Theatre to movies.  But we always danced at social center.  Oh,  am so sorry I didn't MAKE the time to talk to him.  See, we never know when we will have the chance to tell anyone what we remember about them or what they may have meant to us at one time.

My sincere sympathy to his partner Ron - whom I'm sorry not to have met.  And to others in his family.  I feel very sad, I hope Frank remembers me in the better place that he is.  And I'm glad that he had such adventures in his life!!!


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