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In Memory

Scott Upright

Scott Upright

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Frank Wells


On October 4, 2008, some of Scott’s close friends gathered for a memorial picnic in a park in Bishop, Calif. Remembering Scott with stories, pictures and laughs were Eva Poole-Gilson, Susan Schwartz Hannes, Steve Vite, Frank Wells and Scott’s partner Elwin Aspegren.


Scott died, aged 65, on June 25, 2008, at his home in Falls Church, Va, after a long battle with liver cancer.  Active in Bradford clubs and activities, Scott graduated second academically in our large KHS class. He won a scholarship to Northwestern University where he majored in theatre management and art history. His university summers saw him acting, singing and dancing in musicals and reviews in Chicago and Warsaw, Ind.


After graduating from Northwestern he moved to New York City where he directed, produced and wrote material for musical theatre. He was a company manager for a USO tour and appeared in the popular vampire soap opera Dark Shadows.  Later he did architectural interiors at MOMA and interiors for friends and small businesses in Atlanta and Washington, D.C.


Scott completed a masters degree in information technology in 1984 and worked as a consultant on information systems with professional and technical associations.


His great love always was the arts, especially composing and performing chamber music. He and Elwin loved travel and had adventures in Machu Picchu, Peru; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Kyoto, Japan; and Krakow, Poland.


Importantly, Scott pointed out that he was sober in AA for his final 18 years.


Scott was ill for several years. Sue was able to visit him before his death and Eva and I spoke with him on the phone. We had all maintained contact since our wildly fun final year of high school together. I miss Scott as one of my best friends. 

                                                                        ---from Frank Wells on May 1st (Scott’s birthday)

Remembering Scott 2008: (L-R) Sue Hannes, Jim Jaranson, Richard Hannes, Steve Vite, Alex Barca, Eva Poole-Gilson, Elwin Aspegren, Frank Wells.        (Photo by Ron McCullagh)


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