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In Memory

Frank Urbanek

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02/25/11 09:34 PM #1    

Thomas Sorensen

One sunny afternoon in Kenosha in 1960 Frank and Bob Carney were looking at a shotgun that hung on the wall in Bob's mom's bedroom. Of course they new the 12 gauge was not loaded so they handled it a bit carelessly. You guessed it, and it blew a hole 3 ft in diameter right through the wall to the outside. Just the noise alone was enough to scare them s---less, but then a few minutes later they looked out the second story window and saw Bob's mom approaching the house in her old chevy. Quick, what do we do to hide the deed,   let's hang the picture on this other wall over the hole and she will never notice. Genius.   Mom came right up the stairs, walked to the picture and removed it, revealing the gaping hole. Mom' knew everything. Poor Bob, at least Frank could go home, and get out of the line of fire as it were.   Like all of us we have Frank stories, James Lawlor has a good one if we could ever find him and get him to post.

09/08/13 02:25 PM #2    

James Lengacher

I rember Fank at Roosevelt.  He was a good person!

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